Saturday, April 13, 2013

Feeding Frensy

      Two times a day, either my brother and I feed our beloved bunnies. On the menu for most mornings are a combination of either carrots, bread, apples or a combination. Night time consists of pellets, hay, water, and carrots. Hay and water are always bountiful, and occasional yogurt chips are a favorite by both Pie and Midnight!
     At night, both bunnies are shut in their little house until morning, when they are let out to play all day! When we come for the night time feeding, we are eagerly greeted by curious bunnies looking for some yummy treats.
     There is no fear of strangers present when Pie and Midnight spot some munchies! In the top right picture you can see Midnight eating right from my hand, and she will do this with just about anyone who is quiet enough to let her come in her own time.
     Here are some pictures of my adorable babies being their cute and curious selves!

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