Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bunny Update

     So its been a couple of weeks since the discovery of baby bunnies in my backyard, and I am glad to announce that they are doing well! Everyday around dusk, my family and I see the little bunnies joyfully eating and romping around in the grass.There are a couple of generations around and you can see the variance in size between them. Even though they all have been spotted happily munching my mom's flowers on a couple of occasions, I'm ecstatic that they are thriving! One odd quirk about them is that the young ones have an alarming trust of humans and dogs. They don't flee when one of my family or our dogs come near and only hop away if we are withing five or six feet. Of course, my family and I would never hurt them, but there are lots of wild animals and dogs and people who would. Because of this, I really hope they stick around my house, and I also  enjoy seeing them every day munching and roaming around in the grass!