Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hello Again!

It's been quite a while since I last posted! Summer is well on its way, considering its already July 25!
 Here are some pictures of Sunny and Charlie peacefully sunning themselves on a beautiful afternoon. 


For the Fourth of July, my family and I went on a road trip, so Sunny and Charlie took a trip to the local boarding kennel and a close friend of mine kindly came over every day to take care of Pie and Midnight. On the way to the kennels, the little guys were not well behaved. Sunny was quite stressed and howled and or whimpered the entire way there with no avail from me to try and comfort him. Charlie was quiet which helped because all my attention was focused on trying to calm Sunny. Anyways, we got to the kennels and it appeared that Sunny had finally calmed down and seemed to be curious about where he was. It seemed like they both had forgotten that this was the dreaded place where they went every year for a haircut. I was in charge of getting Charlie in the door which was predetermined in my mind to be quite simple. It was all great until he got his front legs into the doorway...then he realized where he was and shot out of there backwards like the place was on fire! Luckily I had a tight grip on the leash otherwise he would have made a mad dash for freedom! I was so embarrassed but the guy who brought them to the back was very nice and just laughed. I was very sad to have to leave them both for a week, but they were in great hands and it was a welcome sight to see them running up to greet us when we came back with their tails wagging and tongues hanging out!
     My bunnies were quite well behaved on the other hand and my friend said they gave her no trouble. I knew that they would be good; for rabbits, they are both quite social and one sure way to win their hearts is to come with yogurt chips stashed in your pockets! They are both quite trusting when it comes to me and my family going out and feeding them or giving them grass throughout the day, but I wasn't sure how they would be if a stranger came and fed them. I didn't know if they would hide away and get really scared or try to escape, but luckily neither of those events happened.

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