Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fun at the Zoo

Today was my first day of manning the giraffe stand at our local zoo!! It was so interesting! I got a chance to really experience the different personalities of the two giraffes. The female, Zuri, was more timid and shy than the larger male, Hodari. This being said, she still enjoyed her fair share of goodies to eat, including poplar leaves and rye crackers. It was also amazing to witness the interaction between the zoo visitors and the enormous giraffes. The little kids were for the most part apprehensive about sticking their little fingers near the slimy tongues of Zuri and Hodari, but after the first leaf, most quite thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Many adults also loved feeding the giraffes too..and the giraffes were definitely not opposed to it either! Here is a picture of the majestic Hodari!!

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