Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Baby Bunny Saga

     It all started when one day about a month ago; I let Sunny and Charlie out to do their business in the yard. Soon I was alerted by some barks that there was a little creature trying desperately to be camouflaged in tall grass. My first thought was that it was a mouse or vole, but upon further inspection I realized that it was a baby bunny! I didn't know whether to try and take the bunny into our house and nurture it, or to leave it in case the mother was going to come back. I read online that if you touch baby bunnies their mother won't take them back, and I also read that it's really hard to raise wild baby bunnies so I was apprehensive about disturbing this little guy. After checking on the little guy for the next few hours, I saw that he seemed to be breathing without difficulty and decided to wait until the next morning and see if the mother would return. The next morning, I woke up early and went out to see if the little visitor was still there or if he had been swept away by his mother. Unfortunately, the little bunny was still there, however the good news was that he was still alive and breathing. My next move was to search for a nest of some sort that the bunny may have strayed from and now was lost and couldn't find his way back. After my search provided no hint of a nest, I started to walk back to my house and get a box ready and bring the little guy inside. On a stroke of luck, I happened to look down and spotted a patch of fur. It was a nest of baby bunnies!!! Quickly, I scooped up the lone baby bunny in a pair of gardening gloves that I rubbed vigorously in the grass to try to disguise the scent and placed him in the nest with the others. Right away, he wiggled right to the middle of the group and seemed to be at home.After covering up the nest with the fur and grass which were originally concealing it, I hoped that the mother was still taking care of the babies. 
 Over the next week or so, I periodically checked on the bunnies and they seemed to be fine up until the day that I went to see them and 
they were gone. I figured that they were old
 enough to leave the nest and the mother had
 relocated them, and luckily I was right. 
A few weeks later, I spotted the whole family eating fresh, green grass in our backyard. The whole family are alive and doing well!:)

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