Thursday, February 21, 2013

Exercise Time!

     Sometimes in the winter time where I live, it gets really cold and it is difficult to go on walks with Sunny and Charlie. With all the snow and ice, they get really cold and snow always sticks to their feet and legs. This dilemma led my brother, Jimmy, and I to get a bit creative.
     Since we have a treadmill, Jimmy and I decided that we would try to teach Sunny and Charlie to run on it. We figured that it would be sort of like one of those special dog treadmills except bigger. Charlie was not too keen on the idea so he just watched but surprisingly, Sunny actually ran on it. Of course, he had to be bribed with treats and we didn't turn the treadmill on too fast, but it was amazing that he actually stayed on and ran for a while.
     Although most of the time we take them for walks, it is always fun to see if Sunny and Charlie will still run on our treadmill!
You can see us holding a treat for Sunny to run for!

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