Saturday, March 2, 2013

Deer....Deer.....and More Deer

In January, our class in school visited a deer farm.  These are some of the bucks that we saw. We had to stay on our bus because of the risk of spreading illnesses, since deer are so susceptible to getting diseases. After getting a tour of the farm on the bus, my class was able to go into the barns where deer are taken before they are transported to other farms and where they get check ups from the veterinarian. Specialized equipment makes handling the deer, who are naturally skittish and wild, easier and safer. I learned many new things about raising domestic deer and different things that goes along with the business. I learned a lot about deer breeding, like how they figure out which bucks are going to be the biggest and that deer can cost about $15,000 to feed each year!

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  1. $15000 a year to feed? Yikes, no wonder no one has them as pets.