Friday, March 29, 2013

Road Trip!!

     The other day my mom and I were walking in the town I live near and we came upon this silver car with these two adorable dogs sitting on the back shelf waiting for the owner. The widows were open, although you can't really tell in the picture, so they had enough fresh air and were enjoying basking in the sun. The degree of tolerance of my pets to joy rides in cars varies between them. The most well behaved and most tolerant would most definitely be Midnight and Pie. They both have no problem with car rides, especially when they are allowed to explore the interior of the vehicle. Carrots, wheat bread crusts, hay and other goodies are also welcome perks when taking a trip. Charlie comes in at the middle of the pack; not unruly but also not an angel. Most of the time he is just too petrified to move or even make a sound, even though he is being cuddled and given praise the whole time for being such a good boy. He isn't a dog who likes to stick his head out the window; the wind rushing past his face and ruffling his hair isn't what he desires at all. Bringing up the rear is Sunny. It's odd that he freaks out so much in the car because he is always excited to get into the car; jumping up onto the seats, running from window to window, wagging his tail, etc. It's about two minutes into the ride where he starts to realize that it's a moving vehicle and that he's terrified! No amount of petting, coaxing, cooing, bribing, or fresh air will calm him down. Only when he is out of the car does he finally relax; rounding out the trip with relieving himself on the nearest open spot.

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  1. I still dislike car rides. And when I can hear the rain and the splashing, I get even more nervous. I suppose that it will never really go away, my dislike for car rides that is.