Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Day In Winter Wonderland

    Today I had a great idea for a fun activity my rabbits could do to get some exercise and fun....romping around in the snow! Both Pie and Midnight love to dig in the freshly fallen snow....flakes flying everywhere! Where I live it has been snowing quite a lot and has just stopped in the last few days, so there was a good 12 inches of snow for my bunnies to play in! Midnight especially loves to mow down on some fluffy snow in the process of exploring and digging! Pie, the more adventurous one, was trying to escape from the little fort I had designated for them to stay in. She is so curious that the prospect of exploring the "Great Outdoors" was just too good an opportunity to let pass. Luckily, we didn't have an escape and the whole experience was great.


  1. Looks so fun! Glad you and they enjoyed it!

  2. Do I see a bunny (the Dutch) with some ear missing? I have a black and white Holland Lop who is missing quite a bit of ear. He did not have a good start in life. He's kind of cranky about it, too. But, he gives good bunny kisses! Your bunnies are very pretty!

  3. Hello Six Bunnies!
    Luckily Midnight has both of her ears but in the picture it looks like she is missing one. I'm very sorry to hear tht your bunny had such a rough life, but I'm glad he's happy now!! Thanks for visiting my blog!:)