Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Hair Cuts!

     As summer approaches, it was time for Sunny and Charlie to shed their heavy winter locks and get a new hot-weather do! Since they were a bit "over-grown" to say the least, we took them to the professionals. Every year, the same events occur. We load them into the car, they are scared and crying the whole way there, they are relieved when they are let out onto the immobile asphalt parking lot, waltz right into the groomers, stay there a couple of hours and come out looking unlike their normal selves. Even though this is a annual ritual, shock still washes over me as they come out for the first time. First reaction: who are these strange dogs? Second reaction: are these really my dogs? I have to admit they both look so cute I just want to scoop them up and squeeze them! Without the extra hair weighing them down, Sunny and Charlie have an easier time bounding up the stairs after each other and chasing each other in the yard. Because of Sunny's curled-over tail, the first few weeks are not enjoyable because his tail irritates his close-shaven
back. Here are some pics of my cuties with their new, stylish haircuts.

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