Monday, June 24, 2013

On a Nice Quiet Rabbit Stroll

     First rabbit-walking adventure of the summer! I am so happy! I always enjoy watching my bunnies hopping around, joyously exploring the wide open spaces outside of their confined home headquarters. Pie is the rabbit pictured here because I can only walk one at a time as a result of two bunnies loving to go in opposite directions and me only capable of traveling in one at a time. Rabbit-walking is an acquired skill; I am speaking from some experience! First of all, rabbits do not always enjoy being harnessed. It's quite scary for them to have foreign apparatuses strapped on, but luckily they get used to it relatively fast. Second, they do not always listen to the specific route that you had in mind. Basically, you are going where ever they wish and trying to keep them out of areas that they do not belong! Even though it can be tough to get the hang of it at first with learning how to direct them, the end is worth it when you can witness your babies having a great old time and just being carefree.
      An adventure-loving rabbit, Pie is quite amused by running all over the place;exploring minor details of the big picture called nature. Open areas are not well-liked by nature as a result of prey instincts to hide, so Pie is always to enter tall grass or underneath trees but I worry that she may escape because I don't tighten her harness too much. As a result of all the frantic running and eating as much grass as possible, every once in a while Pie likes to take a break and soak up some rays of sunshine. Here are some of the pictures I took on the journey although Pie wasn't too keen on posing!

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  1. That's kind of cool. There are quite a few free-roaming bunnies up here around an "auto mall". People have set these rabbits free when they don't want them anymore. It's kind of dangerous for the rabbits because cars and off-leash rabbits don't mix well together. Anyways various groups have tried to capture and relocate them but there's always more.