Saturday, June 29, 2013

N.E.W Excitement

     I'm so excited! I have just started volunteering at the N.E.W Zoo, which is a zoo near my house. Since I really enjoy being around animals, this is the perfect opportunity for me. Among the many activities that are available, there is Zoo Watch. Zoo watch is basically observing an animal in the zoom,(giraffe, emu, prairie dog, etc), and looking for any behavior out of the ordinary. My first day, I mostly did this activity, and it was so much fun! Animals that I watched were a red panda, moose, snow leopard, Japanese macaques, Canadian lynx, elk, and prairie dogs. It was really interesting to observe these majestic animals for a length of time because their personalities really show. The Japanese macaques were especially active, the young ones running around playing fetch and joyously sprinting through the water. They reminded me a lot of humans, the way they interacted with the others and how there was a tiny baby and as he explored, his mother sat nearby intently watching him and protecting him. The prairie dogs were quite interesting; they came out of their holes at around 4:00 pm and seemed to be very hungry! I really enjoyed watching them chew their hay and then stand up on their little hind legs when they were alerted that danger may be near. I also performed exhibit window washing and sweeping up the walkways. My day was filled with new excitement and I am overjoyed to be helping out at the zoo and learning new things along the way.

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