Friday, January 25, 2013

Any Suggestions?

       As I have said in a previous post, my future goal in life is to attend a prestigious veterinarian school and become a vet. Lately, I have been researching different things that help people to get into pre-veterinarian programs and veterinarian programs;therefore I know that it is really important to have exceptional grades and to be active in extra-curricular activities. I was wondering if there was anything else I could do or participate in that would help me get accepted? Also, I was wondering if it would be a beneficial idea to take both AP Biology and AP Chemistry, or if one is more helpful? If anyone has any suggestions, please comment! I would really appreciate it!


  1. You could look for jobs as a kennel tech. It is not glamorous, but it's hard work, it's honest work, and it gets you close to the action and helps you understand how diverse personalities are and helps you get a handle on different breeds of dog and cat. It is GREAT experience.

  2. Hello!!! Nice to meet new friends, and OMG yes !! Charlie looks like Chicco!!!!! I've never seen a dog so similar to Chicco! :D
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  3. Brandi, thank you for the great idea! I think that getting a job at a kennel would be a great idea!:)

  4. Chicco: Haha Charlie does look like Chicco! Its almost as if they are brothers!! Thank you for visiting my page!

  5. We would recommend volunteering with a local rescue/shelter would give you a lot of great experience and "behind the scenes" of what goes on.

  6. We would recommend volunteering at your local rescue/shelter.