Thursday, January 10, 2013

Junior Boiler Vet Camp

For all of you future veterinarians out there, this camp is the camp of your dreams! This camp, operated on the Purdue University Campus in Indiana, is the perfect opportunity to experience what it is like to be a vet and also what it is like to go to college/vet school. During the camp, I met many new friends and learned a lot about what veterinarians do. There is an admissions process of sorts where you answer some questions about why you want to become a vet and there is also a fee if you are accepted.

 It was a one week camp the first week of June, and it was for kids entering grades 8 and 9. We all stayed in dorms, guys on one floor and girls on another. The 50 kids are separated into groups and each group has a camp counselor that is a student in the Purdue Veterinary Medicine program.

Throughout the week, we do many things that veterinarians would do:
  •  visit an animal blood bank and learn how to take blood
  • dissect a pig heart
  • visit a dairy farm and get a tour and also see calves being born
  • learn restraining techniques on cows
  • getting to reach inside a cow's rumen
  • visiting a pig farm and getting to hold baby pigs
  • hypnotizing chickens
  • diagnosing an animal and explaining the treatment plan in a presentation
In addition to all of these activities, we also had free time where we played basketball, beach volleyball, football, counselor activities and dodge ball.

I highly recommend this camp since I had such a memorable experience doing something I love.
This is me holding a baby pig

Here is the official website of the camp:

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