Saturday, January 12, 2013

DIY Doggie Hair Cuts

      When my family first got Sunny about 8 years ago, we always took him to the groomers whenever he needed to be shaved for the summer. Although the groomers did an impeccable job, the price was a little bit high, therefore my mom and I decided to do it hard could it be? Very hard.

      Purchasing a Wahl clipper kit and watching the tutorial video was the easy part, physically shaving Sunny was the more challenging aspect. On the video, the dog being groomed looked as though he had been sedated he was so calm and well behaved. The lady just scooped him up every time she needed to shave some other part of his anatomy and he didn't move a muscle. Also, he was already very nicely groomed so there were no knots to try and work with.
Sunny with his new doo
Sometimes he needs a little pony tail to get the hair out of his eyes!

     Sunny, on the other hand was not so lucky. First of all, his fur was quite knotted since he spent all winter romping through the snow and his hair always got tangled. Second, he was not so keen to get his hair cut as we might have hoped. The clippers scared him, naturally, so he tried to get as far away as possible from it. I really felt bad for the little guy because shaving a dog is much harder than one would assume.

Charlie gets quite hairy during the winter
     My mom and I ended up having to shave most of Sunny's hair one day and take a break and finish the job the next day. The experience wasn't all bad for Sunny because he got numerous treat breaks and praise for being our guinea pig. My mom and I also shave Charlie, who is very calm and is usually very well behaved with the occasional trying to bite the clippers.
Charlie gets goo on his eyes when his hair is too long...yuck!

     Although our dogs never come out looking like pampered show dogs, they shed their winter coats and are cool throughout the summer heat.

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